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2015 : A year report

The beginning of 2015 i wrote a short note on what i want to achieve in 2015. On this last day of 2015, here is the review of what i had achieved this year! =)



Hey its new year !

Year 2014 had leaved me with many memorable moments which included joy, tears, struggle and pain. Recap of the year 2014, among the hallmarks events that occurred in my life were first, i registered into Master of Science program in Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM). Entering a Master program of different faculty and field from my Bachelor field was really a quite tough for me, also yes, Master has really different environment to adapt with.  Secondly, this year my beloved grandmother had passed away, and that forever will highlight my 2014. Al- fatihah.... 

To start 2015 by listing your hopes was not a bad idea. Through experiences, i just realized how precious ideas can be as they could came  into your mind in sudden, and if you not write it , it might possibly gone just like that...! 

2015 : Dream and change..

Master Study as The Top Priority

Of course, my master study will be my main focus of the year. Already in my 2nd semester and will entering 3rd semester on February and 4th semester on September this year, a full commitment into this is vital ! Moreover my first two semesters were not really productive as a lot of failure in the method approached (i am doing research base). But, i am still positive with my research and hopefully at the end of 2015 the progress is promising, so i can graduate on time!. A few aspects that i think i need to develop on  becoming a better Master student were as follow :-

Commentary : Haha, well of course my life revolve in Master study/story. A lot of things i had gained this year, first, i managed to wrote a systematic review paper although it been rejected by a journal with impact factor 3.++. It was quite unbelievable  to think i was able to wrote an academic paper. Next, it was my very first time experienced presenting in a conference. It was an international conference conducted by USIM, and personally i think i did it pretty well.

But still there was up and down, my project continually giving bad result, as the only method that we managed to get good result was H&E! I felt the momentum lower as i finished my GRA contract on October (means that it already 2 years im doing this project without promising result). Only at the end of this year, I had something to cherish as we finally had our inclusion criteria patients selected and the road to graduation in 2016 seems beaming.      

1) Presentation skill - To admit that i am not a natural born talented speaker, presentation is always not an easy job for me. Need a lot of practices, i am planning to do a "mirror session". Every good speakers will recommended this session to improve our speaking skill. My strategy will be according to a few steps, start with "imitate", "script writing" and then "spontaneous".  

It was prior to the conference, I had one on one training session with our beloved Prof. Hayati where i remember her advice, "during my first time presenting in conference, i repeated my script over 30-40 times!". It is the basis hard work as the key!

During school holiday, i conducted a class where i taught biology and had opportunity to handle one session of chemistry class. it somehow enforced me to develop my presentation skill. The acceptance was good, but i think a lot can be improved to be better.  

2) Writing skill- Master especially in research will need a good writing skill as we need to publish at least one research article, and then surely for our thesis writing. Writing is not that easy, especially when you not use to it. 

This year i did not manage to publish anything. as my manuscript was rejected. Currently iam trying to publish in another journal. Hopefully by early this year i hot accepted.  

3) English language - To describe how important it is that i separated it from those two upside elements. English and always english will be use for any "intellectual communication". This again is not easy for someone like me who  wrote and presented my thesis in Bahasa Melayu during Bachelor years, or even updating status in Fb, twitter and blog in Bahasa Melayu. My English was actually quite terrible! As to counter i will read a lot of english material books and to start writing in English in any of my personal page., which explain why this post youre reading now is in English! haha.

Still improving my english. Alhamdulillah i managed to read a l lot of english novel this year, something i never did before. It was a struggle before to completed a reading of novel, i only did it once or twice. This year i managed to finished around 5 ke 6! *tapi sedar english masih terabur*. I buy a few books on grammar but only opened it several times. 

A proud achievement for this year was, i had a chance to teach english for standard 5 students (requested by their mothers). They appraise me for my effort as they saw improvement in their child. surprisingly!    

Iqra : Read , Analyze and Explore      

To got into Master program gave me another opportunities to to keep learning and explore many new things especially in academic and research world. Other than to master your own field, I believe that I should also need to take an effort to read and analyse of the other fields of study so that our idea will be more broaden and comprehensive. And 2014 was quite an achievement for me, as I managed to train myself into a "reading habit", this habit really opened up my enthusiasm into various of reading materials. Reading will expend the world you see, really. As my inspiration, I really adore Islamic scholar like Ibnu Sina which not only well-known for his medicine work, but also give quite significant thought on philosophy and Islamic study. So few fields that i will look into :-

1) Biochemistry - Settling the unsettle business! to admit that i have a bachelor degree in biochemistry was quite embarrassing, as i am not that knowledgeable in this field in extend to meet people expectation. my grade was disaster, dont even ask...! haha. So, i am planning to finish up reading few text books regarding the subjects (hopefully..), thing that I should already did during my degree... aish.. thus It will remain beneficial. 

i did not improve much on this. I try to read back a few topic then unintentionally stopped.  

2)  Philosophy - Philosophy is one of the early subject that discussed in civilization. It is quite interesting to learn it especially from the expert. In our country, we have a big name like Prof. Syed Naquib al Attas, really look into to study this subject with him.

I did went to WISE program, a 5 months classes with Prof Syed Naquib al Attas disciples. Really eye opener on the worldview that Prof Syed Naquib brought as the solution to the destruction of civilisation. In this class, i was considering to pursue a study on Bioethics.  

3)  Economy - GST, Fuel , subsidy rationalization, hiking prices of items, houses and cars. Well you know why this subject is important not to be neglected.

No progress,i only attended one of pak di`s seminar. I interested in Saham, i learnt how young fella can be trapped into debt by buying a new car, and a strategy to avoid loan, to increase income, to manage money ang buy a house! top of that his most highlighted statement was never made a loan for an event no want will remember after 5 years, a wedding! 

4)  Memorizing Quran - Quite shy to put this one on the list, but this has already listed in my wishing list since forever. But, the progress was ....bad. I managed to stayed consistent only for a month or two, last year of practicing "Kaedah Jibril" which suitable for commoner forgetful people like me. As been warned by the founder of this technique Ustaz Asraff Ayob al-Hafiz in his book , the real challenge in memorizing Quran is to stay consistent and to keep on repeating of what you already memorized. As i have not practice the memorizing for a long time, i do not know when to start back. 2015? hurm. 

No progress but I managed to follow two classes on Hafalan kaedah Neurofisiologi. But still the follow up and self discipline was bad on this. 

Travelling and Learn from surrounding

I hope that I can travel some interesting places where I can learn something through the journey. I never been oversea before, and really excited for my first trip to Sumatera Barat , hometown of one of my inspiration, Buya Hamka on February. 

I went to Sumatera Barat and Krabi !!

Get Involve Actively in NGOs/ Humanitarian 

I always giving excuses to not get involve "actively" into this kind of things last year. NGOs/Humanitarian is important platform for us to giving back to society and learn through the society. 

I did join WAMY, Muslim Cares and INSAN on Islamic activities, Misi Banjir and Homeless care. But the thing i most proud was my own school holiday tuition program.

Stay Fit and Healthy

I have gains few kilos last year because of many reasons, mostly i think because of "office-working style" in Usim. In  2015, will make sure more sweaty and sporty. 

I actually had registered for Gym. But, as my gym partner moving from Bangi and i also do not have my own instructor, i lost my consistency. This is bad as my weight gradually increase oh!  


I would say 2015 left so many good memories for me. It was for the first i did not find myself related to the new years joke as to have the same wish as this 2015 i really draft them well. 2015 also i would remember as the time when i no longer felt comfortable in the safe zone, and started to have inner screaming voice to challenge and to try something new. i will miss 2015. Bye 2015.  

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