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Month Of Ramadhan, Month Of Quran. (Extracted from Ustadz Nouman Ali Khan`s speech)

Based on this verse, Interestingly, Allah introduce month of Ramadhan with Quran, not Taraweeh or Soim (fasting). Ramadhan is the time where everybody know, that it is a time for us to get to close to Allah. 
But, how? through Quran! as quran provide the guidance for mukmimin.

Brief introduction from Ustaz Nouman regarding Ramadhan which was not the main subject he wanted to share on that night. The main subject he focused was about first two verse in Surah Jumaah, which later you will find the beauty and the need to understanding the meaning of Quran. 

 Surah Jummuah  

Whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth is exalting Allah , the Sovereign, the Pure, the Exalted in Might, the Wise.

It is He who has sent among the unlettered a Messenger from themselves reciting to them His verses and purifying them and teaching them the Book and wisdom - although they were before in clear error –


The first verse refer to Allah while the second verse referring to Prophet Muhammad SAW. In the first verse there are 4 times Allah mentioned His name by
1.Al Malik (The King)
2.Al Quddus (The purify)
3.Al Aziz (The respected Authority)
4.Al Hakim (The Wisdom).

The next second verse telling us the 4 steps played by the prophet Muhammad SAW to deliver the messages of Islam :
1. Recite the His verses
2. Purify them
3. Teaching them the Alkitab (Book)
4. Teaching them with wisdom

Subhanallah, the 4 roles of Prophet Muhammad SAW in the 2nd verse are beautifully matched with the 4 names that Allah refer to Him in 1st verse. :

1) Al Malik (the King) / Recite His Verses

Usually the king are known by their marks, signature and statue. For example, when we see big palace, guards everywhere.. surely will know that this is the kings resident compound.

Allah as the king, are known by the verses in the Quran. By reciting His verses we will know the sign that Allah made in His creation. For example there’re verses He tells us to look into  the moon, star and universe as the proof of His greatness.

It is prophet Muhammad`s first step in introducing people to this deen. The verses of Quran are so highly standard that people can distinguished between the words of the prophet and the verse of the quran though it come from the same mouth the prophet. 

2) Al Quddus (The purify) / Purify them

The teaching of the Quran that showed practically by the prophet purify on two things of human life that are our mind and heart. Al Quran taught us how to think, understand the reality and situation and how to think systematically.

Purification of heart by the teaching of quran including to control our heart (spiritual) problems like greedy, anger, and many other negative problems. The quran guiding the people to balance between the positive and negative elements surround them, and to extend balance the mind to think intellectually and calmness in spirituality. 

Quran neither like Bible that too spiritual nor Jews religion book that too intellectual. Its change the way we (Muslim) see  and understanding life.

3) Al Aziz (The Authority) / Teaching Al kitab  

Firstly one of the meaning of al kitab in Arabic is the LAW. Every authority has their own law. So as in Islam. There are verses in quran that explaining the law in Islam including the ban of alcohol drink, the hijab wearing rule and many others.    

To remind, the stage of teaching the law of Islam is in the 3rd one. A stage where only people who already serious in Islamic teaching. But, the mistake that our people usually did was to be judgemental on the people who are still not following the law stated in Islam. We tend to punish  people who are not following our way and to think that we always the right one.

4) Al hakim (The wisdom)/ Teach the wisdom.

As the consecutive from the 3rd point, that why we need to be taught by the wisdom. The prophet show so many things about being wisdom. We can learn how the prophet acted with different people/sahabah around him and successfully delivering the messages and gain so much respect.

To keep in our mind before we simply punish them, that we don’t know what future ahead of that person, and every person are undergoing processes of different stages. For example, ustad nouman told us a story of himself where he was not a practiced muslim before during his teenager yet 15 years from that time, who expected he is now a global Islamic speaker.


As the conclusion, these were 4 steps that the prophet used to complete his dakwah mission. As to reflect on us, we are easily underestimate people without giving hope. We need to create love of this deen, not to scared off people. This deen is about giving hope, it is a tragedy when muslim lost their hope.! If Quraisy  can changed from the jahilliyah into great civilisation, why cant us ?

This deen come with responsibility, this deen came to us because of the sacrifice of our ancestor. The same formula, the same Quran they used to spread the dakwah. Now it is our time to uphold the responsibility.

The alarming part is when we realize that majority of the muslims nowadays cannot understand the meaning of the quran! Yes tajweed is important, but the main purpose of  tajweed is to preserve the meaning of the Quran itself. Back then during the prophet Muhammad SAW time, a kafir can cry when listen to the quran, but why now we (muslim) feel “nothing” when listening and reciting the quran.

Lets take barakah of this holy month Ramadhan to make extra effort to understand the meaning of the Quran.       


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